Camden Council’s statutory consultation is open, you can view the Planning Application for the O2 Masterplan Site and submit any comments via the planning portal by using reference 2022/0528/P.

Welcome to the website for the O2 Centre masterplan.

Landsec has been working with the local community and the London Borough of Camden to develop an exciting new comprehensive masterplan for the O2 Centre and the surrounding land.

We’ve been consulting since Summer 2019 and have had over 2,600 responses from local people on the emerging masterplan.

We’ve now submitted a planning application for the O2 Masterplan Site to the London Borough of Camden which will be available to view on the planning portal shortly. You can find more information about this on our news page here.

Indicative computer generated image of new homes, shops and community spaces along the linear park

Scheme Vision

An inclusive place that works for all

”A place that integrates and connects the communities of Finchley Road and West Hampstead. A new neighbourhood that reflects Camden’s unique culture and provides something for everyone – a mix of homes where people can stay and grow; jobs and local opportunities; shops, restaurants, leisure and community facilities; and new green public spaces to relax with friends and family.”

O2 Masterplan Site – Summary of Proposals

Submitted Planning Application

Planning application submitted to London Borough of Camden for the comprehensive O2 Masterplan Site, part detailed, part outline.

The 5.77ha site includes O2 Centre, 520-space car park and neighbouring land, in close proximity to 5 stations.

Redevelopment to come forward in phases. The O2 Centre will be redeveloped as part of the last phase – existing centre and shops to stay in place for 5 – 7 years.


Around 1,800 new homes significantly contributing to Camden’s 10-year housing target

35% affordable homes in each phase

60% Low-Cost Rent – with over 50% of these as three bedroom homes to cater for local families

40% Intermediate Rent homes – catering for local key workers


A safe, secure, car free and outdoor neighbourhood, one which is highly sustainable and open to all

New community facilities for local residents;

A minimum 1,000sqm multidisciplinary health centre

A new 270sqm community centre

A minimum of 250sqm of affordable workspace for local businesses

Open Spaces

50% of the 5.77ha site dedicated to public and green spaces, which will be open and accessible to all

A long tree-lined park connecting West Hampstead and Finchley Road, providing an enhanced pedestrian and cycling link between the two communities

A large new green, 0.35ha in size, for people to visit, socialise in and relax

A new central 0.17ha square with a community garden in the first phase

Transport and Infrastructure

New and enhanced pedestrian and cycling connection between Finchley Road and West End Lane

Safeguarding space for and contributing financially to station access improvements

New minimum 1,000sqm multi-disciplinary healthcare space to be provided as part of the masterplan

Economy and Local Investment

Up to 16,700sqm of commercial and community uses across the comprehensive masterplan

A new town square with shops, leisure spaces and restaurants fit for the future

Space provided for much loved local amenities including a supermarket, gym and cinema

Around 380 construction jobs per year throughout the build programme

Around 760 FTE jobs for local people in the completed development

Around £30m projected to be spent annually in the local area by the scheme’s employees and residents

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