Camden Council’s statutory consultation is open, you can view the Planning Application for the O2 Masterplan Site and submit any comments via the planning portal by using reference 2022/0528/P.

Submitted proposals for the O2 Masterplan Site.

We’ve really valued all of the input and conversations we’ve had across four phases of consultation.  Since our last consultation in October 2021, and in direct response to your feedback, we have made some important changes to our designs ahead of submitting a planning application to the London Borough of Camden.

These changes include:

Further reducing the overall number of homes to around 1,800, whilst maintaining the same commitment to 35% affordable homes across the masterplan. This represents a significant decrease from the 2,000 homes first consulted on in December 2020.

The tallest building on site has been reduced in height to 15 storeys in the planning application.

Committing to prioritising family sized homes for the affordable housing, with over 50% of the low-cost rented homes as 3-bedroom homes in the Detailed Proposals.

Removal of one building on the South to improve views, pedestrian experience and security along the linear park connecting Finchley Road to West Hampstead.

Prioritising affordable housing for key workers, with 40% of affordable homes being intermediate tenure.

Creating more space and a greater sense of
openness around the new town square
safeguarding space for a better pedestrian
connection to local stations.

Click here for a summary of the submitted masterplan

You can view all of the information displayed at our March 2022 exhibition events by clicking the button below.

Click here for an easy print pdf of the submitted proposals

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