About the site.

Aerial photo of the O2 Centre site.

The site comprises the area from Finchley Road to West End Lane and includes the O2 Shopping Centre. Over half of it is taken up by a 520-space car park. It is 5.6 hectares (or between 7 and 9 football pitches in size) and surrounded by four different tube and train stations, making it one of the best-connected sites in central London.

Landsec already owns a lot of the land, meaning that we are in a great position to develop a comprehensive masterplan that delivers something exciting and transformative here.

Current site map showing Landsec’s ownership in blue

Diagram of the current O2 Centre site.

Planning Context

As part of considering the future of the O2 Centre site and surrounding area, we have looked carefully at local planning policy and the level of development we think could be supported here.

London Plan (2021)

London continues to face tremendous pressures to build more homes. The Greater London Authority (GLA) recently published its latest projections for London’s growth and expects the capital’s population to rise to between 10.5m and 10.9m by 2050. The Plan emphasises the need to make more effective use of land, promoting design-led approaches which optimise density around good public transport links.

The O2 Centre site falls within the Swiss Cottage and Finchley Road District Centre where there is considered to be a high potential for residential growth. The Swiss Cottage and Finchley Road town centre and West Hampstead town centre form part of an identified strategic area for regeneration.

The London Plan requires car parking to be restricted in line with levels of existing and future public transport accessibility and connectivity, with car-free development expected for all development proposals in places that are (or are planned to be) well-connected by public transport.

Camden Planning Policy

Across the borough, Camden has set  ambitious targets to build more homes for current and future residents. Camden’s Local Plan (2017) sets out the Borough’s proposed minimum housing target of 16,800 additional homes from 2016/17 – 2030/31, including 11,130 additional self-contained homes. Self-contained housing is set out as a priority land use in the Local Plan. The O2 Centre site has been identified as somewhere that can play a significant role in meeting these targets. It is located within the West Hampstead Growth Area and the Council is supportive of residential led, mixed-use development here which delivers new homes and affordable homes, retail, community uses and open space.

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