Camden Council’s statutory consultation is open, you can view the Planning Application for the O2 Masterplan Site and submit any comments via the planning portal by using reference 2022/0528/P.

Share your thoughts on the O2 masterplan proposals.

The O2 Masterplan will create a place that integrates and connects the communities of Finchley Road and West Hampstead. A new neighbourhood that delivers significant new green spaces as well as the affordable homes Camden needs. A place where people can stay and grow; with jobs and local opportunities; shops, restaurants, leisure and community facilities

It’s really important that Camden Council hears your views on the submitted proposals, and we’ve set out below a reminder of some of the Masterplan’s key facts in case they are helpful. You can submit comments using the Council’s planning portal here, and by searching for the reference 2022/0528/P.

What will the O2 Masterplan deliver?

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