An inclusive place that works for all

“A place that integrates and connects the communities of Finchley Road and West Hampstead. A new neighbourhood that reflects Camden’s unique culture and provides something for everyone – a mix of homes where people can stay and grow; jobs and local opportunities; shops, restaurants, leisure and community facilities; and new green public spaces to relax with friends and family.”

The six key principles of the masterplan vision are:

The masterplan behind this vision is defined by three different character areas:

Evolved masterplan for the O2 Centre site, May 2021

The residential neighbourhood: Our vision is to create a mixed community, with a range of different homes that suit the needs of Camden’s residents.

In this quieter section of the site, homes will be set around public courtyards and connected by a long, tree-lined park.

The community green: The green will be surrounded by community amenities and services at ground floor, such as a community centre and doctors surgery. This space will feel welcoming and inclusive, designed to promote a sense of safety and cohesion as well as having homes for all.

The new town square: Similar in size to Pancras Square at King’s Cross, the new town square off Finchley Road will be a focus of dining, leisure and shopping. The square will be surrounded by new cafes and restaurants, homes, workspace for local companies, and a mix of shops including a supermarket. It will be a destination as well as a convenient place to pick up a sandwich, loaf of bread or coffee.

We have listened to the feedback so far and evolved the masterplan in line with your comments.

Click here to find out how the O2 Centre Masterplan has evolved since 2019.

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