About the site.

Aerial image showing the masterplan area

The O2 Centre site is roughly 14 acres in size and comprises the land between Finchley Road and West End Lane.

The comprehensive masterplan area includes the O2 Centre, 520 space car park, the car showrooms and builders yard.

The O2 Centre was opened in 1998 but since then retail has changed as has the needs of the local community. We are working hard to maintain the Centre’s vibrant offer and will continue to do so until the O2 Centre comes forward for development.

We want to create a new neighbourhood that responds to the challenges faced by Camden and provides something for everyone; homes, jobs and local opportunities, shops, restaurants, leisure and community facilities and new green spaces.

Landsec already owns a lot of the O2 Centre site including the car park and Homebase, but we believe the most transformative scheme with the most benefit for the wider community can be achieved by incorporating neighbouring landowners and businesses into the masterplan. We are in discussions with these businesses and will be submitting a planning application for the comprehensive masterplan site – everything inside the red line on this image.

Current site map showing Landsec’s ownership in blue

Planning Context

The site is in the West Hampstead Growth Area and local planning policy (Camden’s Site Allocations

Development Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan) sets out that it should:

  • Optimise the potential of the site to provide new homes
  • Create a residential-led, mixed-use development
  • Ensure retail provision and open spaces
  • Provide appropriate community facilities
  • Contribute to and integrate with the streetscape
  • Improve existing pedestrian conditions and provide improved cycle links

The planning application

The masterplan has a 10–15-year phased build programme with a target start on site in 2023.

The initial masterplan planning application submission will cover the whole site with part submitted in detail and the rest in outline:

Detailed application

This comprises the first phase and will include detailed information of the building design and architecture.

Outline application

This comprises the second and third phases and will include parameter plans and illustrative design codes demonstrating how future development will be brought forward.

In due course each phase within the outline will then come forward for a Reserved Matters Application (RMA) to approve the full detailed design. Each RMA will be subject to its own consultation process. There will be a chance to comment on each new application in the future.

This is a common approach to large sites delivered over time as it allows a place to be created that is flexible and fit for the future.

    We have listened to the feedback so far and evolved the masterplan in line with your comments. Please have your say and tell us your thoughts on our latest proposals.

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