Camden Council’s statutory consultation is open, you can view the Planning Application for the O2 Masterplan Site and submit any comments via the planning portal by using reference 2022/0528/P.

Proposals for the O2 Centre site.

The information below, alongside the Homepage and Vision page, is what we shared at our October consultation events. 


Four rounds of consultation 

Over 2,000

people have provided feedback so far

Over 300,000

people reached through social media

Over 63,000

flyers or newsletters sent

Over 320

attendees at 9 workshops and webinars


meetings with local groups and representatives

400 people

presented to at Camden’s Development Management Forum

How have we responded to your feedback?

This masterplan has evolved through an ongoing conversation with the local community and our latest updates reflect what we have heard from you over the last few months. We know that the number of new homes and the impact on local public transport are of particular concern and we have taken great care to address both these points.

You Said

We did

Improved station
and concerns about overcrowding
are key local issues.

We will be safeguarding space for and contributing financially to station access improvements. We are working closely with Transport for London to ensure that local concerns and issues are addressed.

You are concerned about the heights and number of new homes.

We have now reduced the number of new homes to 1,850 and the height has been distributed to ensure the open spaces are light and welcoming and the scheme can deliver the important community benefits.

Prioritise social benefits in the early phases of development.

We have added a new green space and community centre to the first phase and will deliver 35% affordable housing in each phase.

70% of you told us you wanted a supermarket.

We will provide space for a supermarket in the new town square at the Finchley Road end of the scheme.

48% of you want a cinema and 38% asked for a gym.

We will have space for both a new gym and cinema
within the scheme. 

58% of you wanted us to prioritise wild biodiverse gardens in the landscaping.

Landscape architects EAST is designing biodiverse green spaces and working with the London Wildlife Trust to ensure this is part of the scheme.


The masterplan has been through several stages of design and has evolved in response to your feedback and suggestions.

EARLY 2019 

Camden’s draft Supplementary Planning Guidance identifies this site, including the O2 Centre, as an area for a new neighbourhood.


  • O2 Centre brought into the site to create comprehensive masterplan
  • Site increased to 5.73 acres
  • 2,000 homes proposed
  • Southern park route connecting Finchley Road and West Hampstead
  • Community green and Finchley Road town square

JUNE 2019 – O2 Centre retained

  • Residential development above current car park
  • 3.25 acres
  • 950 homes proposed
  • Poor use of well connected site, no route through 
  • Priority for cars over pedestrians
  • Poor ground level interaction and daylight

MAY 2021

  • Number of homes reduced to 1,900
  • Additional central green space in first phase
  • Commitments to re-providing space for a supermarket, gym and cinema
  • Focus on biodiversity in direct response to local feedback
  • New health centre, community centre and other community facilities


The evolved masterplan responds to local feedback and brings together the principles of the vision, connecting Finchley Road and West Hampstead and providing much needed homes, public open space and retail, leisure and community spaces.

Much needed homes

  • 1,850 homes to rent and buy
  • 35% affordable homes
  • 1, 2 and 3 bedroom family homes

Public open space

  • Half of the site is public open space
  • Green and biodiverse landscaping
  • New community gardens
  • New town square

Community facilities

  • New multi-disciplinary health centre
  • Community space
  • Commitment to safeguard and contribute to station access improvements

    Leisure and convenience

    • Re-provision of valued facilities in the current O2 Centre including supermarket, cinema and gym
    • Mix of retail and leisure facilities
      throughout the site
    • Affordable workspace for local businesses

    CREating A NEW mixed-use neighbourhood

    Over the past year, we’ve been asking local people what they want to see here. We’ve built up a detailed picture of your priorities and have committed to providing: 

    A significant multi-disciplinary health centre, which we are speaking to the NHS and Clinical Commissioning Group about.

    Affordable workspace for Camden’s entrepreneurs and start-ups.

    New green spaces for people to meet friends, relax or play. 

    Gym and Cinema. Space for the leisure uses you told us were important.

    New homes for local people including affordable and family homes

    A supermarket. We’re in discussions with Sainsbury’s about their requirements.

    Community and Youth Centre. 

    Cafes, restaurants and flexible retail spaces throughout the site.

    Landscaping and public spaces 

    A key principle of the masterplan is to provide 50% of the site as public open space, something that is a hugely important part of making this a successful, biodiverse place. As part of the masterplan, we are proposing four major new public spaces:

    Community Green

    • 1 acre
    • Open space for people to gather and dwell
    • Surrounded by community facilities
    • Play spaces for all ages

    Tree-lined Park

    • 1.2 acres
    • Connects Finchley Road and West Hampstead
    • New pedestrian and cycle routes

    Central Square

    • 0.4 acres
    • Delivered in the
      first phase
    • Added in direct response to feedback
    • Growing and community gardening
    • Play spaces

    New Town Square

    • 0.75 acres
    • Surrounded by cafes, shops and leisure spaces
    • Improved pedestrian route from Finchley Road

    A focus on biodiversity and greening

    This is an exciting opportunity to transform a tarmac car park into a green and sustainable place by:

    Planting over 100 new trees and greenery across the whole site

      Partner with London Wildlife Trust to ensure variety of planting, encouraging wildlife and best practice

      Including play and
      rest areas for people of all ages within the landscape

        Adding smart drainage and flood mitigations, as well as design solutions like green roofs

          A well connected and accessible place

          The masterplan will provide an improved connection between Finchley Road and West End Lane with great pedestrian and cycle links, creating a safe and welcoming place that joins the area together. We are committed to safeguarding for and contributing to station access improvements for the local community.

          A well-lit and safe route connecting West End Lane and Finchley Road
          A direct cycle route will be provided between West End Lane and Finchley Road
          Cycle parking spaces for visitors
          Secure internal cycle parking will be provided for every home
          A more relaxed and family-friendly cycle route will wind through the new long, tree-lined park.
          Bus routes 187 and 268 will continue to stop within the site
          Taxis will be able to drop-off and pick-up within the site including near the supermarket and the new Town Square.
          All deliveries and servicing will continue to enter from Finchley Road or West End Lane onto Blackburn Road. Vehicles will not be able to drive through the site from West End Lane to Finchley Road.
          Blue Badge holders will still be able to park on site.
          A car free development, other than for Blue Badge holders. New residents will not have parking spaces and will not be eligible for local parking permits.


          In the context of London’s current housing crisis, it is vital that new homes including affordable homes are delivered for local people. The site is identified by planning policy as being able to provide much needed housing for the area, and the masterplan proposals deliver quality residential accommodation in a mixture of tenures to ensure a diverse and inclusive community.

          The masterplan will deliver;

          • 1,850 homes –contributing significantly to Camden’s 10 year housing target
          • Homes to rent
          • Homes to buy
          • Affordable homes to rent (35%) c.650 homes 
              • 60% low cost rent (c.390 homes)
              • 40% intermediate homes to rent (c.260 homes)
            • Efficient, safe and secure modern homes
            • All homes will be designed to the same exemplar quality standards
            • Outdoor spaces for residents, in addition to the 50% of public green space provided across the scheme.
            • A mixture of housing types including studio, 1, 2 and 3 bed family homes
            • Affordable homes have been refined in line with requirements of housing associations on Camden’s housing list

            Indicative CGI of residential building

            Indicative CGI of residential building

            Example floorplan of a 1 bed home

            Example floorplans of a 2 bed home

            Example floorplan of a 3 bed home

            Example floorplan of a 3 bed house


            The site is allocated in planning policy for a significant number of new homes for Camden including much needed affordable homes. Taller buildings mean we can use the rest of the site to create the green open spaces local people have told us the area desperately needs, as well as delivering other community benefits such as retail, leisure, a health centre and community centre.

            A Key principles

            The site is located between two railway lines, which means the distance between the nearest neighbouring properties and the proposed development is typically 60-100m. This helps to mitigate impact on the daylight and sunlight.

            Taller buildings are placed on the northern parts of the site. This ensures that the new public spaces and courtyards will enjoy excellent sunlight throughout the year.

            Including greater points of height in the north allows 50% of the site to be open public space whilst continuing to maximise much needed homes.

            The heights of buildings at either end are a similar size to their immediate context, with taller buildings located at the centre where they sit further from their neighbours and at a lower topographical level to lessen the impact of their height.

            Designing a new place

            An important aspect of designing a new place is to ensure all people – existing communities and new residents – feel like they belong and that they are welcome to be there to explore and spend time.

            AHMM, the architects of the scheme and Camden specialists, have worked hard to make sure this is a place that feels like part of local area by:

            • Studying the architectural character of buildings and homes in the surrounding area to ensure that the new buildings will feel rooted in their context
            • Creating variety in the architecture and design used across the site, always rooted in the character of the area, to generate the sense that the site has grown organically over time, to reflect how cities traditionally grow
            • Using this variety to help people feel comfortable finding their way around and through the new neighbourhood, being able to note that ‘my building is the one with the red balconies’ or ‘I’m waiting for you by the curved wall’ 

            Inspiration has been drawn from existing buildings in the local area

            Key characteristics of the new place will include:

            • Brick buildings of all colour and variety, built to last
            • White stone banding and stucco plaster
            • Details such as arches and decorative lintels
            • Prominent residential entrances and a hierarchy of detail

            Indicative CGI of residential building

            Indicative CGI of the new town square

            Energy and sustainability

            O2 Centre framework approach

            Sustainability is at the heart of the masterplan and this will be a green, sustainable and resilient place to live and visit for future generations. Our holistic framework approach considers sustainability across all parts of the site and at all stages of the life cycle of the masterplan.

            Across the site, we will be:

            • Retaining and re-using materials on site from the demolition of the O2 centre where possible
            • Looking carefully at the materials we are using and ensuring they are as low carbon as possible and highly recyclable at end of life 
            • All-electric energy systems, which can use all renewable sources and won’t contribute to poor local air quality
            • Planting over 100 new trees
            • Swales (sunken marshy borders), green roofs and rain gardens will be included throughout the site
            • We are working with the London Wildlife Trust to make this a really bio-diverse site, to attract bees and wildlife, whilst also significantly improving drainage
            • Sustainable drainage and urban greening will reduce flooding risk. We are collaborating with a team of experts to challenge and push the masterplan so that this new neighbourhood becomes a green, sustainable and resilient place to live and visit for future generations
            • Reducing car usage on-site will contribute to improvements to local traffic, noise and air pollution

            To find out more about Landsec’s corporate commitments to sustainability and net zero carbon please check our website


            The masterplan has been through several stages of design and has evolved in response to your feedback and suggestions.


            • 1,850 new homes, contributing significantly to Camden’s 10-year housing target

            • 35% affordable homes, 60% of which are low cost rent

            • Family homes accessible to Camden residents

            • Homes for rent available on long term tenancies

            • Commitment to offer homes to local people first


            • 50% of 14.2 acre site provided as open public space

            • Co-creation with our local communities throughout the evolution of the masterplan

            • Community youth centre with community growing garden

            • Significant multi-disciplinary health centre


            • 150,000 sqft of re-imagined commercial,retail and leisure space
            • Well loved local services offered at the current O2 Centre, including the supermarket, gym and cinema, replaced and complemented within the new scheme
            • Creation of new, long term and varied job opportunities
            • 2,500 sqft of affordable workspace
            • Support for local start-up businesses


            • Holistic sustainability strategy with a focus on low carbon and the latest sustainable development practices
            • Green and biodiverse landscaping and significant new green spaces for the area
            • Retaining and re-using existing on site materials in any new development


            • New and enhanced connection between Finchley Road and West End Lane
            • Improving sustainable modes of transport in the area including walking and cycling
            • We will be safeguarding space for and contributing financially to station access improvements. We are working closely with Transport for London to ensure that local concerns and issues are addressed


            Planning Policy Context

            The site is in the West Hampstead Growth Area and local planning policy (Camden’s Site Allocations Development Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan) sets out that it should:

            • Optimise the potential of the site to provide new homes
            • Create a residential-led, mixed-use development
            • Ensure retail provision and open spaces
            • Provide appropriate community facilities
            • Contribute to and integrate with the streetscape
            • Improve existing pedestrian conditions and provide improved cycle links

            Planning Policy Context

            The masterplan has a 10-15 year phased build programme. The detailed phase will start on site in c.2023. The initial masterplan planning application will cover the whole site with part submitted in detail and therest in outline;

            Detailed Application

            This comprises the first phase and will include detailed information of the building design and architecture

            Outline Application

            This compromises the second and third phases and will include parameter plans and illustrative design codes demonstrating how future development will be brought forward.

            In due course each phase within the Outline will come forward for a Reserved Matters Application (RMA) to approve the full detailed design. Each RMA will be subject to its own consultation process. There will be a chance to comment on each new application in the future.

            This is a common approach to large sites delivered over time as it allows a place to be created that is flexible and fit for the future.


            Call us at 0800 3077 984

            Download all of this information

            Thank you for taking the time to visit the consultation. We’ve provided some more detail on what will happen over the next few months and how you can continue to have your say below.

            We’ll keep the website and local residents regularly updated on the progress of the planning application and if you have any questions at all please do get in touch.

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