The area’s missing piece

Since first talking to local people in June 2019, our vision for the O2 Centre site has grown more ambitious and we have been working with London Borough of Camden, the local authority, to progress some really exciting ideas for the future.

What we’ve come up with is a draft masterplan which seeks to connect and create communities, where everyone has space – to live, to walk, to shop, to work, to relax – and that is about people rather than cars.

We think it can ultimately become the area’s missing piece and in December 2020 we launched a consultation on this vision and some of our ideas for creating a new neighbourhood, one that:

  • Is a seamless connection between Finchley Road and West End Lane;
  • Has the green spaces and public realm that we know the area desperately needs;
  • Has the shops, homes, leisure and community facilities that this part of Camden wants and needs;
  • Creates jobs and opportunities for local people;
  • Has its own identity and style but feels very much like this part of north London;
  • Has something for everyone, whether that’s a new home, a favourite shop or a new playground to explore;
  • Is safe, secure and open to all.

Sketch showing emerging masterplan of the area

Our early draft of the masterplan comprises four key elements:

A residential neighbourhood  – a new place to live as well as a new place to be. Inclusive, green and open to all, it could be defined by three major new open and public spaces.

A town square  – the bustling commercial centre of the scheme. We imagine new shops and leisure facilities facing onto a lively public space that would also be a wide and welcoming entrance from Finchley Road.

A linear park  – a long tree-lined park, running through the new neighbourhood, that brings everyone together.

A green for all  – another new park – the size of a traditional London square – surrounded by cafes and community facilities to give it life all year round.

You can read more on the four key elements of our emerging masterplan on our Commonplace digital platform here.

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