A well connected and accessible place

The Masterplan will create a car free pedestrian focused development with an improved connection between Finchley Road and West End Lane with great pedestrian and cycle links, creating a safe and welcoming place that joins the area together. We are committed to safeguarding for and contributing financially to station access improvements for the local community.

1. A well-lit and safe route connecting West End Lane and Finchley Road

2. A direct cycle route will be provided between West End Lane and Finchley Road

3. Cycle parking spaces for visitors

4. Secure internal cycle parking will be provided for every home

5. A more relaxed and family-friendly cycle route will wind through the new, long, tree-lined park.

6. A car free development, other than for Blue Badge holders. New residents will not have parking spaces and will not be eligible for local parking permits.

7. Blue Badge holders will still be able to park on site.

8. Taxis will be able to drop-off and pick-up within the site including near the supermarket and the new Town Square

9. All deliveries and servicing will continue to enter from Finchley Road or West End Lane onto Blackburn Road. Vehicles will not be able to drive through the site from West End Lane to Finchley Road.

10. Bus routes 187 and 268 will continue to stop within the site

Indicative CGI of the entrance to the car park and cycle storage

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