The masterplan character areas

Due to the size of the Site we have created three character areas that define the distinct neighbourhoods within the Masterplan proposals.

Masterplan character areas

Community Green

A large open green space focused on the concept of health and wellbeing. The open spaces and sports facilities are complemented by a varied mix of uses such as a health centre and crèche and a bus stop that connects this space to the wider area.

Residential Neighbourhood

A quieter space in the centre of the masterplan with a mix of family homes and residential amenity spaces served by a few smaller commercial uses and a community centre. This will create a thriving local community helping to establish a safe environment for all that live there, visit and pass through it.

Town Square

A new and commercial heart to the scheme, the Town Square will create a thriving part of the local economy and a destination in its own right. Surrounded by a range of uses at ground, with Residential homes above. The Centre will include recognisable high street shops, local independent businesses and a number of the existing amenities loved by the local community such as a supermarket, cinema and gym.

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