Masterplan Evolution

The masterplan has been through several stages of design and has evolved in response to your feedback and suggestions.

    • O2 Centre brought into the site to create comprehensive masterplan
    • Site increased to 5.77 hectares
    • 2,000 homes proposed
    • Southern park route connecting Finchley Road and West Hampstead
    • Community green and Finchley Road town square
    • Number of homes reduced to 1,850
    • Delivering 45-50% of the low cost rented homes as three-bedroom homes
    • Safeguarding space for and financially contributing to local station access improvements

    • Using local references in the architecture

    • Commitment to a robust safety and security strategy

    • Providing more detail on the flood mitigation strategy

    • Number of homes reduced to 1,900
    • Additional central green space in first phase
    • Commitments to re-providing space for a supermarket, gym and cinema

    • Focus on biodiversity in direct response to local feedback

    • New health centre, community centre and other community facilities

    • Number of homes reduced to around 1,800
    • Over 50% of low cost rent homes in the detailed proposals are 3-bedroom
    • Prioritising affordable housing for key workers

    • Reducing tallest building on Site to 15 storeys

    • Removal of one building on the South

    • Creating more space and a greater sense of openness around the new town square and safeguarding space for a better pedestrian connection to local stations.

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