Masterplan Objectives

“A place that integrates and connects the communities of Finchley Road and West Hampstead. A new neighbourhood that reflects Camden’s unique culture and provides something for everyone – a mix of homes where people can stay and grow; jobs and local opportunities; shops, restaurants, leisure and community facilities; and new green public spaces to relax with friends and family.”

Strengthening the connection

between West End Lane and Finchley Road

A new

residential-led, community focused and safe neighbourhood

with its own distinct identity

Providing a

genuine mix of uses across the Site

including re-providing well used local facilities such as the supermarket, gym and cinema

The creation of a

variety of employment opportunities and jobs,

from small independent retailers to established companies

Public realm and open space that is accessible to everyone

New homes for all, including

35% affordable homes

New community facilities

for new and existing residents, including a multi-disciplinary healthcare centre and community centre.

An architectural character that is complementary and respectful

of the surrounding heritage whilst also creating a new place with its own identity

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