Energy and sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of everything that Landsec does. Landsec create places that make lasting positive contributions to communities and the planet. To Landsec, sustainability means anticipating and responding to the evolving needs of their customers, communities, partners and employees. We create innovative spaces of enduring value where people can thrive now and in the future, keeping environmental and social issues at the core of everything we do.

Across the site:

  • 50% of the embodied carbon of the O2 centre retained, reused or recycled on site.
  • 165% net gain in biodiversity
  • Site wide sustainable transport strategy to encourage healthy lifestyles
  • Looking carefully at the materials we are using and ensuring they are as low carbon as possible and highly recyclable at end of life
  • All-electric energy systems, which can use all renewable sources and won’t contribute to poor local air quality
  • Planting over 100 new trees

  • We are working with the London Wildlife Trust to make this a really bio-diverse site, to attract bees and wildlife, whilst also significantly improving drainage

  • Holistic storm water management strategy built into the natural environment, including green roofs, permeable paving, swales (sunken marshy borders) and rain gardens

  • Reducing car usage on-site will contribute to improvements to local traffic, noise and air pollution

Further detail is outlined in the Energy Statement, Sustainability Statement and Circular Economy, submitted as part of the application.

To find out more about Landsec’s corporate commitments to sustainability and net zero carbon please check our website.

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