The planning application

Planning Policy Context

The site is in the West Hampstead Interchange Growth Area and local planning policy (Camden’s Site Allocations (2013) and the West End Lane to Finchley Road SPD) set out that it should:

  • Optimise the potential of the site to provide new homes
  • Create a residential-led, mixed-use development
  • Ensure retail provision and open spaces
  • Provide appropriate community facilities
  • Contribute to and integrate with the streetscape
  • Improve existing pedestrian conditions and provide improved cycle links

The planning application

A Hybrid Planning Application was submitted for the O2 Masterplan Site which comprises both detailed and outline applications:

Detailed Application

This comprises the first phase and includes detailed information of the design and architecture.

Outline Application

This comprises the second and third phase and will be based on the Parameter Plans, Design Code and Development Specification documents submitted as part of the planning application, referred to as the control documents.

An illustrative masterplan and plot testing has been created to show what an outline scheme based on the control documents could look like.

In due course each phase within the outline application will then come forward for a Reserved Matters Application (RMA) to approve the full detailed design. Each RMA will be subject to its own consultation process. There will be a chance to comment on each new RMA in the future.

This is a common approach to large sites delivered over time as it allows a place to be created that is flexible and fit for the future.

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