Masterplan character

An important aspect of designing a new place is to ensure all people – existing communities and new residents – feel like they belong and that they are welcome to be there to explore and spend time.

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, the architects of the scheme and Camden specialists, has worked hard to make sure this is a place that feels like part of the local area by:

  • Studying the architectural character of buildings and homes in the surrounding area to ensure that the new buildings will feel rooted in their context.
  • Creating variety in the architecture and design used across the site, always rooted in the character of the area, to generate the sense that the site has grown organically over time, to reflect how cities traditionally grow.
  • Using this variety to help people feel comfortable finding their way around and through the new neighbourhood, being able to note that ‘my building is the one with the red balconies’ or ‘I’m waiting for you by the curved wall’.

Inspiration has been drawn from existing buildings in the local area

Key characteristics of the new place will include:

  • Brick buildings of all colour and variety, built to last
  • White stone banding and stucco plaster
  • Details such as arches and decorative lintels
  • Prominent residential entrances and a hierarchy of detail
  • Distinct entrances to buildings

Indicative CGI of residential building on to the Community Square

Indicative CGI of the Detailed Phase Buildings

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