Approach to height

The site is allocated in planning policy for a significant number of new homes for Camden including much needed affordable homes. Including taller buildings here allows us to better balance different local priorities and deliver significantly more social and community benefits. It means we can provide over half the site as public realm, create new green inclusive spaces, and deliver the retail, leisure, health and community facilities people have told us they want to see. All alongside making a really significant contribution to Camden and London’s affordable housing targets.

Key principles

The site is located between two railway lines, which means the distance between the nearest neighbouring properties and the proposed development is typically 60–100m. This helps to mitigate impact on the daylight and sunlight.

Taller buildings are placed on the northern parts of the site. This ensures that the new public spaces and courtyards will enjoy excellent sunlight throughout the year.

Including greater points of height in the north allows 50% of the site to be public open space whilst continuing to maximise much needed homes.

The heights of the buildings at either end of the Site respond to their immediate context, with taller buildings located in the centre where they sit further from their neighbours and at a lower topographical level to lessen their impact. Lower buildings front onto the parks and open spaces to ensure variation in height and allow plenty of sunlight to reach the public realm.

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